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The Monthly PARW/CC Spotlight

As a member of PARW/CC, you'll receive our monthly Spotlight publication, packed with ideas, information, and the experiences of other résumé writers and career coaches. Articles deal with every facet of résumé writing and career coaching, including help with pricing your services, ideas for getting new clients, ways for you to develop profitable new services, effective writing strategies, and much more. The Spotlight gives you answers to questions you have and those you haven't thought of yet! It also provides the inspiration of reading how other résumé writers turn obstacles into triumphs; opportunities into realities.

Web Site Member Directory

As a member of PARW/CC, your company and contact information is added to our internet directory (parw.com) for the convenience of clients who are searching for a professional résumé service provider, interview trainer, and/or career coach. This is a key source of new business for your company. The PARW/CC web site is the top resource for locating professional résumé writers on Google and other top search engines. Note too, there are no links to sites other than association members. When prospective clients visit our site, we want them to contact you for the professional career services they need.

Electronic Email Forum (E-List) and Members Only LinkedIn Group

These are exciting and innovative member benefits which serve as "round robin" forums where participating members can easily communicate and discuss writing techniques, business operations, pricing strategies, sales/marketing ideas, client relations, and other issues related to the career consulting industry. This is a daily exchange of emails and posts between members where questions can be posed and receive multiple answers from a variety of perspectives. Valuable information is shared, links to interesting online articles and resources are posted, and topics of all kinds are discussed. According to the testimonials we've received, PARW/CC's E-List is definitely an important asset for your business. It has been described as the "best resource for operating a career business available" and a new chapter is added constantly! Our exclusive LinkedIn group is our newest member benefit, and it's growing daily. Come join in the conversations!

Professional Résumé Writer Certification (CPRW)

PARW/CC members recognize the importance of validating their experience, knowledge, and abilities as dedicated résumé professionals. The certification test continues to evolve and is now recognized as the standard of excellence within the résumé service industry. When you feel you're ready to meet the challenge, we invite you to take the exam and join the thousands of individuals who have earned the CPRW (Certified Professional Résumé Writer) credential.

Professional Employment Interview Certification (CEIP)

A great résumé is designed to secure interviews. A great interview produces the job offer. The Certified Employment Interview Professional (CEIP) credential adds an important new level of service in your ability to prepare clients for a successful job search. Training materials include extensive written materials and is facilitated by Jay Block.

Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC)

Unlike résumé writing and interview training, which often meet a client's immediate need, career coaching takes a longer view of the client's career goals. Where do they want to be in one year? Five years? Ten years? And more important, what steps are required to achieve that goal. It could be a career transition, preparation for a raise or key promotion at their current company, starting their own business, etc. Since its inception, the Certified Professional Career Coach training and certification program has established its dominant position as the prestige credential for professional career coaches. Training materials include videos and extensive written modules and is facilitated by Diane Hudson.

Certified Empowerment & Motivational Professional (CEMP)

The missing link to inspiring job seekers (and service providers) to manage stress, and to turn fear and negative emotions into positive success achievement in the workplace - and throughout all of life. A life-changing program that helps build confidence and character to achieve any worthwhile career or life ambition. The Certified Empowerment & Motivational Professional program is facilitated by Jay Block.

The Fun & Fundamentals of Résumé Writing

This is a behind-the-scenes look at the "how's" and "why's" of résumé writing through the lenses of content, formatting, and strategy. With numerous samples and instructional material, as well as coaching support, John Suarez facilitates a guide for either starting or strengthening your approach to marketing people on paper, through The Fun & Fundamentals of Résumé Writing. Membership is NOT required for this education opportunity.


You will receive a personalized electronic membership certificate stating that your company is a member in good standing of your industry's professional association. Your membership in PARW/CC demonstrates that you care enough about your business, your industry, and your clients' needs to participate in your industry's oldest, largest, and most-respected professional association. It also lets your clients know that you have access to information, ideas, and resources beyond the boundaries of your office walls.

As you earn the association's certification credentials, you also receive a certificate for display in your office, and a corresponding logo that can be added to your marketing materials.

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